interesting view out in our Gallery Update

Now bringing you our first GALLERY UPDATE. The last couple of months have been a roller coaster of packing, unpacking, picture hanging, 3D display, flatpack carnage and lots and lots of coffee. Gallery of Makers is now “Up and Running” in a light and airy new build, within the Broadwindsor Craft Centre (BCC) Complex.

Our MAKERS PAGES on this website show details of current makers work. Each Maker working with different materials using techniques and processes, mastered over their careers in making. Sometimes we are looking for new makers to join our group, please get in touch through the contact page on this website, if you think your work may fit in with the group. As well as the beautiful work on show in our Gallery, “WORKSHOPS” are now available on a regular basis in BCC’s new education room (more on this will follow in the next Gallery Update).

new face(s)


We now have a good core group exhibiting within the gallery, Our Gallery Update featured image includes new work for sale from “wild plant papers” and “charlie collis” designs. the new  PAPER CORNER … is ‘not to be sneezed at …’ PAPER IS AMAZING and completely under valued in the opinion of GALLERY OF MAKERS owner CLARE COLBY “I’ve decided to make the plight of this underestimated and valuable resource known to all, in my quest to BIG UP PAPER WORK !!!

As you may have noticed (right in the centre of) the featured image above, evidence that a lot of work including new pathways and underground electric cables, has been going on outside the Gallery. – There is more work planned to make the courtyard between the Gallery and restaurant more enjoyable, with talk of BBQ’s and music on special open days …

Time for me to log out now and go on the hunt for a very particular type of ‘screw’ (who’d have thought there could be so many) … it doesn’t matter how big your toolbox, there’s always something else that could be added …